About Us

Purelymail LLC is a company with one mission- to provide quality email service at a fair price.

If there's not much more to say, that's because we're busy doing it. In lieu of marketing fluff, please accept this unrelated image of a skyscraper.

A skyscraper, black and white, very artsy and also royalty-free

Our Team

We're a small company. So small, the "we" is royal.

Meet Scott Johnson, CEO, CTO, CFO, CZO, CBO, CDO, CHRO, CIO, and Senior Senior Programmer. (Did you know you can just make up titles?) He's sometimes okay at programming, the product of 5 years of computer-aided shooting himself in the foot.

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Please email contact@purelymail.com if you have any questions!

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Company Info

Delaware filing number 7243415
Mail to:
Purelymail, LLC
2035 Sunset Lake Road
Suite B-2
Newark, DE 19702 US