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Purelymail Company Policy

This page contains miscellaneous policy and statements mostly about Purelymail as a company itself.

Why didn't some of this go on the Terms and Conditions page? #

Mostly, I didn't want to hire a lawyer and get into legal trouble if my understanding or phrasing was terribly wrong.

Non-discrimination #

The company will not discriminate against its users for any personal or political reason. To the extent possible, Purelymail takes no stance on any political issue. Really, we're just here to provide a service.

Blackmail and ransom demands #

We hereby precommit to never paying any ransom or blackmail. We apologize to our users in advance if this genuinely does come down to a full service failure that could've been avoided by paying ransom, but rewarding bad actors is deeply repulsive to us.

Bug bounty program #

We can't afford a proper program at the moment, but we'd appreciate if you emailed us about any security issues you find. We'd be happy to give you a small amount of email credit (and our thanks).

What if Scott is hit by a bus? #

Given that the company is mainly a one-man show at the moment, this is a valid concern. We're currently working on finding and training somebody who could take over basic maintenance of the service if the unfortunate (and unlikely) were to occur.

However, even in the worst case scenario the service should be able to continue without maintenance for some time, and mail data should be safe even beyond that. (Until the AWS bills run out, basically.)