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Mail Import, Export, and Forwarding

Forwarding refers to sending mail from one address to another as it arrives. Import means copying existing mail into Purelymail, and Export means copying existing mail out of Purelymail.

Forwarding mail to and from Purelymail #

To forward mail from a Purelymail address to an address hosted elsewhere, set up routing rules. See the routing documentation.

To forward mail to Purelymail from an existing address, you will need to look for methods specific to your old provider. (See the support pages for Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook)

Importing mail into Purelymail #

See our mail porting tool.

Alternatively, use a mail program like Thunderbird to add both your Purelymail account and your source account, and then copy your emails with it.

Exporting mail from Purelymail #

We support the IMAP standard, so you can freely copy email from us, and most providers offer an import tool to make that easy. Use imap.purelymail.com to connect to our IMAP servers.

You can also use our mail porting tool.

Additionally, you can use webmail to export individual or a range of selected messages using the "Download" option.