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Password Reset

Click here to go to our password reset page.

What is it? #

If you lose the password to your account and password reset is enabled, then you can reset the password using one of your recovery methods.

How does it work? #

There are three recovery methods:

Please make sure any recovery method you add is secure, as access to it can be used to gain access to your account.

Can "password reset" reset 2FA? #

If the "Allow 2FA Reset" option is checked, successful password reset will disable 2FA for that user. If not checked, the user using that method must still enter 2FA to log in after resetting their password.

What does it mean if password reset is disabled for a user? #

That user will not be able to perform password reset. Since we encrypt messages based on a password hash, and we do not store that hash if recovery is disabled, your messages will be unrecoverable without either your password or your account's administrator's password.

If your account's administrator's password reset is also disabled, security may be improved, because neither Purelymail nor an attacker will be able to access your stored messages, except when you have an mail session open.

However, if you lose your administrator account password, we will not be able to recover your account.

Note: To enable password reset when it is disabled, you need to enter a new or existing password for the user.